The Company


BullBerry Ltd was founded in Toholampi, Finland, in 1998 by a group of 17 determined families. The original idea was to strengthen community spirit and create jobs in this remote area. This unyielding persistency and team spirit have been awarded twice with the Village of the Year Award granted by the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia in 1999 and 2008.

After the Second World War, the village was built in the middle of the Finnish countryside, away from bigger towns and highways. The village is of course accessible by car, and there is more than plenty of room for all the loading, unloading and building required. Initially, BullBerry focused on processing mushrooms and berries but gradually moved on to packaging juice and water products. The best spring water in the world springs up from the nearby Multila Spring in the Syrinharju ridge (UN, Kyoto 2003).

The first 840m2 production facility was built as a volunteer effort in 1999, and it was expanded in 2006 by 650m2. These investments secured the company’s position as one of Finland’s leading contract manufacturers. The next stage in the building process was finished in 2009. The new 1,300m2 production facility allows us to better meet our clients' needs and offer logistics services.

BullBerry works in close cooperation with Finn Spring, Finland’s leading spring water company. Lylyn Pisara is our partner in financial administration and quality control services and Peltokorven Kuljetusliike and other haulage companies in transportation. District heating is produced by a local provider.


We are always developing our client-centred business operations, and we are looking forward to tackling new challenges in the future. BullBerry is a flexible operator in the Finnish beverage industry. Even though our main focus is on manufacturing and developing products for our clients, we have also decided to develop our own products in order to better understand the industry and its developments and thus being able to produce more added value for our contract manufacturing clients.

Consumer habits are changing and people pay more attention to their own health and wellbeing. This will be our focus in the future. Clean water and organic, local produce have been described as the ultimate Finnish brands, and they will continue to be a natural part of our business in the future.

The Chair of the BullBerry Ltd Board of Directors is Ilpo Wennström.