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We offer our client a service concept which is based on years of experience. The concept includes product development, manufacturing and logistics which are carried out either together with the client or entirely for the client. We work together with different experts on product development and planning in order to ensure a safe and attractive products. Our water comes from the Multila and Anttila springs nearby, and other ingredients, such as flavourings and concentrates, come from well-known Finnish and international producers who have been carefully chosen in cooperation with our clients and partners. At the planning stage, we choose the most efficient production methods for the best economic outcome. We use modern and efficient equipment to produce small and medium-sized batches. Large-scale batches are manufactured together with our partners. This flexible model enables us to provide fast deliveries. Our terminal storage allows for optimal storage and transportation as well as combining smaller batches to rationalise deliveries to our clients and central storages. By making use of the routes of several haulage companies, our products are with the client anywhere in Finland within 12 hours. We always use “money back” packaging for our drinks. This way the packaging is recycled through the PALPA recycling system to be reused as bottles or cans or as plastic packaging in the food industry.



Carbonated water
Soft drinks
Sports drinks
Pasteurised speciality products
Bottles for customers’ needs

Recyclable PET bottle sizes:

0,33 l
0,5 l
1,25 l
1,5 l
2,0 l


All standard colours, Bericap ECO 28 mm


Cardboard box, 24 bottles
Heat-shrinkable plastic, 6 or 12 bottles
Sales lot labels


EUR pallet, requested number, logistics label.


Our clients’ products can be delivered to all central distribution companies.